Employment Application

Counselors must be at least 18 years of age. Previous experience working with children either through employment or college field experience is a plus. All staff members are required to submit a criminal background check and a child abuse history clearance to be considered for employment. Counselors will receive a training, in which general knowledge of caring for children with a visual impairment is covered. Also in this orientation will be first aid and CPR training, schedule planning, and an introduction to the house and community of Avalon.

All counselors live at the camp and a full eight week commitment is required. Counselors share bedrooms with one or two other staff, on the same floor as camper bedrooms. Counselors work a 40 hour week with alternating shifts (either 8am-4pm or 1pm-9pm), and receive one day off per week. Counselors are free to leave the premises when not assigned to work.

For any questions, please call the camp office at 609-967-7285 or e-mail the Camp Director at dillerblindhome@gmail.com. A hard copy of the employment application may be downloaded below and sent to an address provided by the Camp Director.

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