Health & Safety

A Certified Emergency Medical Responder lives on the premises while campers are present, and all counselors are certified in first aid and CPR. 

The camper application has a section devoted to medical history which includes a page detailing specific health issues to be filled out by the parent, a comprehensive health history to be filled out and signed by your physician, and a permission to treat form detailing any specific medications and their dosages to be administered while at camp. After consulting with the parents, a med chart will be made by the Camp Director detailing the times, dosages, and special instructions for each of the camper’s medicines. No injections may be given by our camp personnel.

If the Home has any medical questions or concerns regarding your child, you will be contacted before any action is taken by our staff.

There is never less than a one-to-five staff to child ratio for all camp activities, and while swimming at the beach our camp is monitored by Avalon’s certified lifeguards.